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  1. Thanks Chris! I appreciate the compliments and would be happy to answer any and all questions pertaining to installation! As luck would have it just as soon as I start to get serious about turning a hobby into an occupation I get called back to work on a movie! I will check back periodically however!
  2. Hey everyone I joined this site just so i could post a cpl thots on this topic! First of all I'm not a potter and have no experience with making pottery! I am a 30 yr ceramic tile /stone worker/ installer! (semi-retired)! Thats not to say I don't respect the art -- on the contrary! Its funny to see some of you or most, to say throw away the 2nd's while for the last 20 or so yrs when we break a pottery plate/bowl/cup in the kitchen if it gets thrown away I dig it out of the garbage. I rinse it of course. then it goes in a box w/ pieces of tile some broken some not and all colors! Now if i'm not mistaken the first 2 words of this website are "ceramic and arts" correct? Not ceramic "pottery" arts! So unless you plan on changing the name anytime soon I would like to respectfully be considered as part of the group as an artist nothing more nothing less! You see the stuff you throw away I take and turn it into a different form of art! In that way it lives on as art not as driveway gravel! lol! no offense! And the best part of it is -- its FREE! I'm posting some pics of a small portion of some things I've done. I have nvr sold anything I've made but would like to start! My knees and shoulders are tired of lifting ,and crawling around on floors ! I would love any and all comments and especially criticisms! I am way past getting all upset if someone doesn't like it! I like it. and my friends who have received most every piece i've done, like it, and thats good enough for me! The pics with the palm trees both have a lot of pieces of a plate and a cpl of bowls that were dropped in the sink by accident! I liked the the lines in the glaze, thinking they resembled (if you use your imagination) waves in the ocean! "I'm O'clay You're O'clay" pottery lives on! Not as a salad plate, but as an ocean! How cool is that? The pics I took are too big to load here so here's a link to facebook . If interested you can view pics there. I dont want to take the time to resize and all that! Thx for reading........................Bill. "https://www.facebook...204261985538625"

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