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  1. Self Hardening Clay For Sculpture?

    Ok. All of that sounds good. My only experience is in regular clay. I just wasn't sure how long I could let it sit before I had a way to fire it. Sounds like my best bet is finding a place to pick up some regular clay and going crazy I haven't had practice in almost 10 years so my knowledge as far as cones, firing, and everything else is a little out of whack and forgotten. Lots of studying ahead of myself on all the topics so I don't mess up! I just have had a strong incredible urge to get my hands dirty for the last few weeks and have trouble for some reason finding reasonable places in the area to take classes. Cheapest I found was 300 for 5 sessions. Not including clay. Seemed expensive though since i've been out of the loop for some years i can't tell.
  2. I don't have a kiln as of yet or a place where I can rent space. To get my toes wet I figured i'd try some of the self hardening clay for sculpting some busts. Is this not advisable? I haven't worked with them before so any input is highly appreciated. Thanks,
  3. I live in an apartment and am trying to find a way to cram everything in with equipment i'm buying. I know it can get messy so I literalyl have no idea what i'm gonna do. Wish some people had some sample pictures of their small at home studios.
  4. Yeah I was definitely wrong.lmao I knew it was 2/something! haha Yeah, Well, i'm pretty certain too regarding the wood burning oven comment that there ARE potters who do wood burnings, that don't rely on electricity for their firings. They're probably rare with the accessibility these days of kilns but they're there. I'm almost certain I just checked that book out last year from the Library and went a little crazy on it.lol It's been a while though so i'll have to check it out again and see what I got. My problem was I don't want to drive two hours every time I want to fire something. It's probably not hard to get an electrician to do it but I don't want it in my house. I want something outside that's nice and easy to hide. I'm in a cabin in the middle of the woods and i'm not sure i'm comfortable with the idea of the kiln being inside despite how small/safe they're said/proven to be. I'm building an outdoor kitchen and attaching a self made wood burning oven at the end hence my original question wondering if it could double. If not i wouldn't mind building something else but i'm not sure I can get a kiln to match it and I don't have storage or anything and i'm sure electric can't just sit outside without being properly protected. My location in the mountains I do get wind storms and they can get pretty crazy since we're so high up. The rest of the kitchen outside is built in between wood and stone veneers so i was trying to incorporate it somehow. Any more suggestions/ideas are very helpful. Thanks for the replies so far!
  5. I just wasn't sure if perhaps you could have a dual function on something like that. Or even separate chambers. I want to build my own kiln to save money but not sure how to. I don't have money for a kiln and where my property is there aren't any clay stores/kilns for two hours. Would be a little excessive to drive every time I wanted to fire something. Not only that, maybe there are kilns that don't require the 250amp plugins? A regular plugin? I'm not really sure. I've built the insides of kilns before but never really got down to the nitty gritty/detail/design/spec parts outside of the brick and elements. Thanks for the welcome!
  6. So... I'm at the beginning of the great backyard renovationproject. I plan to put in a modest sized brick oven and am wondering if it could also double as a pottery kiln or perhaps even get hot enough to slump glass. I even have the option to make it gas fired if necessary. Would this make a difference in the temperatures I could achieve? What are the basic differences in design/construction of traditional pottery kilns and baking ovens? Are there any nasty toxins released when firing pottery or slumping glass that would make dual use contraindicated?