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  1. Looking For Help Fiinding An Article

    The Jake Allee reference did the trick! that's exactly what I ws looking for, thank you all for the tip. Now to start recreating this unusual piece....
  2. I'm looking for an article published sometime ago (I think between 2003 and 2007) in any one of a number of ceramic publications, that described the step-by-step process for throwing and assembling a unique three-part clay fruit basket. The process involved first throwing domed forms, inscribing a wide-spaced basket pattern on them, then adding a small ball of clay at each intersection. These domes were then turned over and suspended between vertically stretched, thrown platter shapes to form vertical walls and legs. Thrown rim walls were than added to the basket rims and curly-cue finials were added to the vertical walls to top off the piece. See attached image I made from these instructions. I only had a photocopy of the article but that has been lost over time and I'd like to find the original publication. Thanks in advance.