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  1. Making a living as a potter can be done. Several years ago my wife was "retired" from her job and we have depended on the pottery to live. We have kept our life style simple. Marketing is the key. We do alot of open houses at the studio. We hoste groups to visit and demonstrate the crafe in hopes people will purchase items from the showroom. Over the years we have developed a rep as great hostes. We also do several shows a year and have found we are better off not traveling very ffar. I would rather spend the money on advertising than travel. Marketing is the key that and most the most important part is producing a great produce. I wish you luck it can be done. But you have got to put on that business guy hat from time to time and do the stuff none of us like doing. Paul
  2. I stamp my own. The cost of a large stamp is not very much.
  3. Just loving this winter. Great time for studio work.

  4. Ok I am not single my wife had a job for a long time as I developed my skills as a potter. That said I now say Some of these posts while well meaning would put off talented people getting started in the field. You all sound like my father (he wanted me to sell insurance because it was secure employment) Life is an adventure and should be lived with passion. If your passion is to make great pots make them and the universe will provide for you. My Wife was given the boot from her job because of the economy we now work side by side in the pottery business. We are happier our standard of living has not declined and we haven't turned into blithering nabobs of negitive thinking bitter at the world. I say to all you budding potters "get out there and work at it if you make good pots you will make a good living if your work sucks so will your income". I am older but still have the passion for what I do. Each time we fire I get excited. Granted I have only been at this fultime for 10 years the only regret I have is I didn't start sooner in life. It is far far better spending your life doing something you love than looking over your shoulder wishing you were doing something you loved. Pottery is no diffrent than anything else in life there is no security only the secure feeling we give ourselves when we work. Riches can be found in many places I am a rich person because my life is filled with great people and a love for getting up each day to do what I do. Love to all Namaste' Paul:D
  5. I buy colored tissue paper and really bright bags on line. I have diffrent size bags made from recycled paper. My name is stamped in large letters. I want very much for people to notice the bacs and visit my booth.
  6. can i still get up to temp?

    I would have my electrician friend call the kiln co and get the Ome rating for the elements and switches and check them all it might be time to replace them all. If your kiln is not proforming at its best you are wasting alot of money in the form of electric bills. Just a thought. happy firing. Paul