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  1. ashraf elhamy

    Talc Uses

    High bridge : do u mean it working as a flux ?????
  2. ashraf elhamy

    Talc Uses

    Diesel : casting slip at 1200°C
  3. ashraf elhamy

    Talc Uses

    Can any one help me l want to know the use of talc as additives (0.4%) in the slip ?????
  4. ashraf elhamy

    Cone 6 Silica, Alumina, Flux Ratio

    Try 1:0.9:2.6
  5. ashraf elhamy

    Alumina Mechanism

    Dear Marcia Could you discuss more detailed information How is the ratio between alumina and silica determine the texture of the glaze
  6. ashraf elhamy

    Alumina Mechanism

    Dear All Can any one discuss to me how is the alumina works as stable agent in the glaze ???? Regards
  7. ashraf elhamy

    Segar Cone

    Dear Gentlemen here's a recipe I trying to develop it feldspar kaltun 10 feldspar SM 39.3 silica 12.5 china clay 9.3 wollastonite 5.3 calcium carbonate 12.8 talc 2 zinc 2 zirconium 7 now can you LEARN me _how to make the calculations to see if it's good or not (from point of view of seger formula) _what cone to fire it at (orton cone) _how to calculate the thermal expansion BEST REGARDS I KNOW IT'S TOO MANY BUT I REALLY NEED TO LEARN
  8. ashraf elhamy

    Possible Scumming On Glaze?

    Unfortunately Mr. Babs I already posted and no one answer The topic name (segar cone)
  9. ashraf elhamy

    Possible Scumming On Glaze?

    Dear Mr. Min if I have a new glaze recipe , and I want to know at what temperature it will fired Theoretically before putting in the kiln ??????? Regards Ashraf Elhamy
  10. ashraf elhamy

    Possible Scumming On Glaze?

    How is this, although the problem appear in one or two pieces ??
  11. ashraf elhamy

    Possible Scumming On Glaze?

    I think it maybe form kiln contamination
  12. ashraf elhamy

    Segar Cone

    Dears Can anyone help me with calculating seger cone for a glaze recipe ???
  13. ashraf elhamy

    Clay Storage For The Summer Suggestions?

    I think if you have a plastic container well sealed will be enough
  14. ashraf elhamy

    Firing Question

    Dear TJR, what I understand is (meisie) want to put sprayed clay in firing without getting bisque the clay first and I just say it will not give the same result And if the clay is bisque at cone 5 the porous are v.small and will not take any more glaze
  15. ashraf elhamy

    Kiln Ventilation

    fruch, if I understand it correct , your problem is just the carbon monoxide in my company this problem comes from non complete oxidation so you need to increase the amount of oxygen in the kiln within temperature 800°C to ensure complete oxidation of carbon into carbon dioxide

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