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  1. Growing up, age 9-15, I did a ton of hand building and took a number of wheel throwing classes. I loved it but when I went to boarding school at 16 I had to stop. The school I went to did not have a ceramic program and the surrounding town was tiny so I had no where to take lessons. When I graduated and got to college I couldn't afford to take lessons like I use to. I am now in graduate school and am in the same position. I have a two week break coming up next week and was wondering if I could just go out and buy a block of clay and spend my days hand building. I was hoping I could then take some of my pieces to a children's pottery painting studio by my house and pay them to fire my pieces. I don't want to pay for lesson to get back into clay and I figured hand building would be reasonable enough. Is that a realistic thing to do. I can buy a few tool but can't really afford to spend over $75. I really hope you guys say yes I have so many things I'm dying to make. Thanks for your time. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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