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  1. I'm going to look at a secondhand kiln tomorrow, and wondered if this sounds like a decent one for a beginner. It's supposedly never been used (lady's mom bought it and then got sick). She's asking $400. It comes with 3 shelves but no posts, so I'd have to buy those. I have a skutt 231 that was given to me, but I don't have furniture with it and it seems too huge for my needs. It seems to make sense to sell it and get a smaller one. Any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I was so excited to buy a new-in-box Brent CXC secondhand that I forgot to check the controller. It's the one that folks have had trouble with; the manufacture date is 2007. So far it seems to work ok, but what should I be looking out for? I contacted Amaco and they said it's $340 for the Classic controller. -mms