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  1. Wasp Nests In My Kiln

    I used a bamboo skewer to break up the nests where I couldn't reach them... then I used a plastic drinking straw sticky taped onto the end of a vacuum cleaner to suck them out from the tight spots... I got rid of all that I could see and many that I couldn't see and removed about 20 nests. I have no idea if there are more up in there... but I suppose that's all I can do. I'll fire it up after Easter. Hopefully nothing shorts out or dies or blows up. Thanks again for the ideas. The wooden skewer was super.
  2. Wasp Nests In My Kiln

    Ok, thanks for the advice, I will see how I go. This will be the first time I have ever fired a kiln and I have to deal with wasp nests! Scary.
  3. Wasp Nests In My Kiln

    Thanks Mark. Have you any idea what could happen if I don't get all of the mud out? I'm worried that there are more nests further up the holes than I can see.
  4. Hi... I hope someone can offer some advice... I bought a small second hand Tetlow Electric kiln about a month ago and have just gone to fire it up for the first time today. I was giving it a vacuum to clean it out because it hadn't been used in a long time... when I noticed that behind many of the elements and in the holes that the elements go into was full of mud wasp nests. They obviously created quite a home inside the kiln for a long time while it wasn't in use... but because they were behind the elements I didn't see them when I inspected it. Before I call the guy I bought it from I was wondering what risks would be involved in cleaning the nests out as best I can and firing it up? The biggest problem is that its a small kiln and its hard to get inside to see where all the nests are. They also go back inside these holes and I don't know how far in they go. I'm worried that if I fire it up they will melt all over the inside and ruin the kiln. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks Jen