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  1. in a workshop with phil rogers past work came up. he said that as long as someone enjoyed the pot, let them. that, as someone earlier in the thread said, by diminishing what they enjoy you are diminishing them in a way. if they found something to enjoy in the pot, that something is still there, no matter how your skills have progressed. it makes sense, but i couldn't help but cringe when i saw an old bowl of mine on display in my mother in laws house. yikes. i've been searching for a lot of old work from school, missing somewhere for close to ten years now. my mom emailed me last week and said she found two boxes of it. one was labeled 'bad pots' and the other was 'pretty good pots'. i can't wait to see what my idea of good pots was! quite awful i'm sure! i was no natural at throwing, i see many people's first pots way nicer than my own were.