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  1. Thank you everyone - I truly appreciate it! I'm firing a bisque next week and will apply the tips I received here. Will keep you posted. N.
  2. Hi Chris, Hi Evelyne, thank you for the quick replies! I did the fast firing because it was a 'test' fire. I used a witness cone 06 for the bisque and witness cone 6 for the glaze firing. I'm aware I should've used a cone up and under for each firing. I will on the next firing. The witness cone on both firings were completely bent, indicating over firing. I didn't notice any over firing (or anything wrong) with the pieces on bisque firing but the cone bent - however, with the glaze firing, the glaze results were definitely different from what I'm used to (when I used the shared kiln.) - so along with the cone bent completely, I'm assuming it over fired. I didn't use a custom firing schedule, only the programmed ones on the Bartlett controller. I did apply kiln wash on shelves on 1st firing (not empty though - it was the 1st bisque firing.) I'm learning that perhaps, the programmed firings may not be accurate with the actual temperatures the kiln is firing? My main concern is that the kiln continues running even after it's reached it's target temp (I'm assuming that's why it's over firing the pieces.) Is it best to program your own firing schedules? Is there a 'base' reference/chart you recommend? I'm aware it's all about trial and error and I need to get to know my kiln better, but I'd be helpful to have a starting point. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for your help! N.
  3. Hello community! I recently set up my Olympic F2327HE kiln in my studio along with the Orton vent and fired my 1st bisque and glaze this past week. I am a new kiln owner (have always relied on/used shared ceramic studio kilns) and need help figuring out the following issues I ran into in both firings: Bisque firing Set to: Fast bisque Cone: 06 / 1828 Pyrocone: On all shelves/levels. Overfired Notes: - The kiln was not 100% full. All 3 shelves had pieces on them, probably at 65 - 70% capacity. Questions: - Does the quantity of wares inside the kiln affect the temperature inside the kiln? Does it matter if I have 2 wares or 20 wares? Glaze firing Set to: Fast glaze Cone: 6 / 2232 Pyrocone: On all shelves/levels. Overfired Notes: - The firing took longer than what the chart on manual states the firing time would be. Instead of 4-5 hrs, it ran for 7 hours and instead of stopping at 2232, it stopped at 2240. - The firing logged and firing #3 instead of #2 (this was my second firing in the kiln, the 1st one, bisque above, logged #1 correctly) Questions: - Why did the kiln fire longer than normal? (and above the temperature?) - Kiln logged the firing as the 3rd time, though it was only my 2nd run - how come? - Regarding smells: Assuming the vent is properly installed (which I believe it is!) am I to expect absolutely no smell at all? Noticed on both firings there was a noticeable burning off smell. ---------- Any help/advice/tips would be much appreciated!! I've contacted Olympic and have not received any replies yet.. Thank you. Kind regards, Nijer E.