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  1. Fusing Glass to Bisque?

    Coat the inner parts of your piece with clear glaze...will work like a glue. Place your piece on thin-fire shelf paper on top of an unglazed tile or kiln shelf since you will be building directly on it. Start mounding your frit in to the voids. Think ANTHILL. Mound it up then spray it with aqua net or rave pump hair spray...those will burn out clean...and helps your fritted work from spilling while moving into the kiln. You will more than likely have cracking and crazing since the COE of glass and clay don't jive...however i have had glass stick in my molds due to lack of separator and they don't release. The glaze itself should help keep your glass onto the clay. Fire to ^06. Good luck...it is a crap shoot really. Best, Karoline
  2. Temporary Tile Installation

    I have often used industrial velcro. Depending on the weight it works beautifully. K