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  1. Shinny Sparkles In A Glaze

    The photo is of a hand built teapot that I made about a month ago. Yes the exterior was painted with CLT-46 after bisking. Unfortunately, the day after coming out of the kiln it split open. My teacher is of the opinion that the wall was too thin, I think I may have over glaze the inside causing stress between the interior and exterior. No I didn't know you could purchase the crystals alone. Attached is another jpeg of the sparkles. Thanks again. Sherman
  2. Shinny Sparkles In A Glaze

    Thank you both for such speedy answers. Peter, I will read the pdf and see if I understand it. It looks complicated. The glaze I used in class is Amaco Crystaltex CTL-46 Ultramarine Jewel. I don't know what they use to get the little explosions of patina green and sparkley copper. But the wiki photos is the effect I'm looking for. Bezine, I will look around for that glaze recipe. Again, thank you both. Sherman
  3. I've been looking on the internet as well as a few books on crystaline glazes but what I'm looking for is a way to add shinny copper sparkles to a glaze over a dark color. Sort of what happens with Crystaline Ultramarine but just the copper sparklies. Thanks
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