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  1. Ok so here are a couple photos of the kiln and what it has mechanisms it has on it. If I want to fire at .06 what would I do to reach that temperature and how long should I set it?
  2. I just bought a cone 8 kiln and I have just started getting into ceramics. If I put in one of my ceramic platters with the glaze and bisque on it, in my cone 8 kiln would I melt the ceramic in the kiln? Also can I still use the cone 8 kiln and just only have the ceramic in the kiln for a lesser time or would the kiln still melt the ceramics away? I've used a kiln that only fires at cone 06 and 04 and that is what I need for my ceramics but I got this cone 8 kiln and was just wondering if I can use this cone 8 kiln and just do it in a lesser amount of time? Someone please help me I'm a beginner in ceramics and I really need some guidance of knowing what to do.
  3. I have a question about my kiln.

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      Chris Campbell

      Ask in the "in the studio" area and someone will know.