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  1. Kiln Problems

    Hello folks, I have a large top loading modern electric kiln (a Paragon TNF-82) a little while ago it failed to reach the programmed temperature infact it only managed to reach 750°c. So I did a test and noticed half the elements were not heating up. So I seeked advice and was told that it was most likely one of two problems, either an element has gone or a relay. My kiln has two relays and 4 elements. So I did another test, I swapped the wires from the elements to the relays around and sure enough this time the elements that were not working on the last firing were now working and the elements that were working were now not working. So I deduced that it must have been a faulty relay so I went ahead and ordered one. Now I just done a test with the new relay in place of the relay which I thought was broken and the elements which are wired to the new relay work fine but the elements which are coming from the other relay which was working fine last time I fired the kiln are not working! ): I'm now completely stumped, if anyone has any thought I'd very much appreciate it. Many thanks in advance, Kevin.
  2. Firing At Cone 05 Instead Of 06

    Many thanks for the replies. I usually fire my bisque and glaze firing together. Will I have any problems if the glaze firing is a higher temperature than the bisque firing? I say this because I have several tiles which I have already bisque fired to Cone 06 and glazed, would it be dangerous to fire these to Cone 05 now? My goal is to eliminate the crazing which I have experienced on my last couple of firings using Duncan Envision glazes and I was advised to try a Cone 05 firing. I currently hold the temperature 998º for 10 minutes, could it be worth holding for longer?
  3. Hi Folks, I recently asked a question about my crazing problem using Duncan Envision Glazes. I was advised to try firing at Cone 05 instead of my usual 06 and then slow down the cooling. Unfortunately I have always fired at Cone 06 for my bisque firing and glaze firing and it is only recently I have had the crazing issue. My worry is how the things in the kiln will react. Will I get any warping? Cracking? Or other problems with the bisque? Problems with the glaze? I tend to use Mayco Stroke and Coat, which says fire to Cone 06 on the bottles and Duncan Envision together on earthenware clay. Many thanks in advance, Kevin.
  4. Crazing Problem

    Wow, thank you all so much for your help! My kiln is in my garage so it's pretty cold, nothing like the crazy cold weather you good people on the over side of the Atlantic have had to deal with but perhaps cold enough to accelerate the cooling time. I'm going to have to look at my kiln manual and figure out how I can slow down the cooling. I have a nice modern Paragon kiln so it must be possible. Thanks very much to SheAmores for the suggestion of firing Cone 05 1888F, and then firing down 250F/hr. to 1500F before turning off. I'll give this a go. I am slightly nervous about it though because I've only ever fired Cone 06 for both my bisque and glaze firings.
  5. Crazing Problem

    Thanks mregecko, Yikes 'pyrometer being miscalibrated' how do I check if this is the case? I am afraid I am quite ignorant because I have only ever fired earthenware to 998º I don't have any formal training. )o: If the problem is a kiln problem could it be to do with the elements? As far as the clay body goes I have some over the counter bisque and some old tile bisque which I have made myself so I can test that.
  6. Crazing Problem

    Hi bciskepottery and thank you for your reply. The clay is a new batch, so it could be that. Older tiles seem ok and I generally only use transparent glazes. It tends worse with greens if that means anything?
  7. Crazing Problem

    Hi Folks, I create earthenware tiles. I bisque fire to 998º and then glaze them using commercial glazes such as Duncan Envision and fire them again at 998º. I soak them for 10 minutes and never take them out of the kiln until they are cool. Now I have been doing this for some time and never had a problem but recently they have started crazing (see attached pic) and I don't understand why, I'm using the same clay (a standard ungrogged white earthenware) and the same kiln (a large modern electric Paragon kiln). The kiln still reaches the right temp and the colours and the pottery is all fine, it's just the crazing. The actual gazes are all in good condition. Has anyone got any ideas what could be the problem? Many thanks in advance, kind regards, Kevin.