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  1. Chilly, great tips....I will be printing these for my next firing
  2. Mart, In answer to your question, I guess I am a bit afraid of overfiring the glaze. (though it seems unlikely in light of the readings we are getting. I wonder if the cold weather could be a factor in the readings? I am going to get some welders goggles and set the kiln higher (cone 7) so I can monitor the cones while firing and get an accurate cone 6
  3. I have a Skutt electric kiln that I purchased from another potter. I have such a hard time seeing the cones during firing. It is just too bright and I cannot make out the shape. The kiln is reading low as the witness cones are coming out with only the first (lowest) cone bent. We are trying to fire at cone 6 and we are consistently getting a cone reading of 5 or maybe 5.5 when computer is set to cone six. Does anyone else have trouble with seeing the cones ... if so, what have you done to correct the issue? I am just starting out and have been using the potters choice high fire glazes. they are rated for cone 5-6. I am afraid to set my kiln to 7 to accommodate for the lack of firing temp until I can see the cones and have better idea of what is actually happening inside the kiln.