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  1. I am firing the same kiln and having the same problems. Thanks for all the ideas. I have only fired this kiln twice with disappointing results top to bottom. I am also thinking of another layer of insulation brick at the bottom of the kiln. any updates would be appreciated. Thanks terry
  2. Thanks for all the input. I really enjoy sharing this passion of making clay objects and sometimes forget the legalities involved. I always emphasize studio safety but I know it is not possible to think of every thing that might happen in a studio. Insurance and lawyers seems like such a racket but a necessity, and I also have a boat i don't want to loose.
  3. that is funny stuff Mark thanks for the laugh.
  4. thanks John these are all adults that are working in the studio and have become friends. I talked to my insurance company and it was going to cost more for the ins. than I was making teaching the class. We own our studio. I am a retired art teacher and teaching this class is fun for me and my students enjoy coming out here once a week to work in clay. I was just hoping there was something out there that would protect me without buying the ins.
  5. I am teaching a wheel throwing class in my home studio. I am looking for a liability release form that I could have my students sign releasing me from liability.