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  1. Leslee

    Time To Set Your Goals For 2014!

    I recently beat leukemia and was out of business for 2 years so starting over is what I'm trying to do right now. I have notes all over the house of goals. I guess my first goal should be to find the notes all over the house and start on a master list. So.... #1 Organize #2 Finish my list Chris thank you for the reminder I really do need to work on that today : ) These would actually be two big accomplishments for me.
  2. Leslee

    Stop The Curling!

    This has been very helpful Mahalo!
  3. Leslee

    Stop The Curling!

    Thank you all so much. These all make sense and I will do. I've never worked with paper clay but I might try it. Two questions 1)you don't cover the drywall and the clay doesn't stick 2) do you tape the edges of the drywall to keep it shedding?
  4. Leslee

    Stop The Curling!

    Thank you Marcia, It is White low fire clay. Its pretty humid here in HI so it can take 3-4 days to dry. I was thinking of getting some boards and stacking them to keep it flat while drying. Thinking about it my terracotta pieces don't seem to do it.
  5. This is a really silly question. I have been working with clay for years but just started making ornaments this year and I am having trouble with my clay curling up while its drying. I normally make small bowls, jewelry, beads and thrown pots years ago never had this problem before. I know I'm not the only one because my friend has the same trouble. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated?

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