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  1. Selling anything on Etsy?

    I've recently started actually using my etsy account I set up a year or two ago and have had some luck in the past month. What people have mentioned previously is very true in that you should list new items at least weekly, research keywords that are unique and descriptive of your work, and that customer service is very important. I also think that having a lot of options in your store is important, the number that seems to be thrown around is having at least 40 items in your store, I'm still working up to that number. I currently use there ads program and spend about 5 dollars a week on advertising, so I make sure to factor that "overhead" into my work. For instance, if I sell 1 piece of work a week, and I spend $5 on advertising, then I add $5 to the "base" price I would sell the work at. Since there is a lot of pottery on Etsy, I would suggest finding a way to differentiate yourself from everybody else. Where at an art fair there may be only 5 other potters to compare work to, on Etsy, buyers have literally thousands of pieces of work to choose from. Hope this helps! -Mark