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    Wow did not know so much had changed. So how is this done today? Let's say as intricate as some of the molds we have are, how do you make it today, surely not on a potters wheel
  2. New Shop Owner

    Hi all, my parents for years operated a ceramic shop. They are long gone but I have found that the stuff has been set aside. It has been in the old place covered in dust for 21 years. I have discovered tons of molds, many were discontinued when we bought them over forty years ago including a much wanted three tier christmas tree mold that my parents made for everyone that lit up with little lite brite type pegs. There are 3 Paragon kilns, one coffee mug size and 2 large. One of the large ones is in sections, the biggest is very old but was working when shutdown for the last time in 1995. The paints appear to be all dried but brushes and cleaning tools are ok. There is much greenware that was poured but never cleaned or fired, but looks good. There are many pieces that were fired but never painted. I am not sure what to do with the stuff. Other than wiring and heating elements what could be bad about the kilns? We have no ceramic shops in the area and I have no idea about what this stuff is worth or who would even want it. Any help would be appreciated