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  1. Hi Chilly, Thank you for the info. I've saved it to my computer and will study it tomorrow. I'm off to see Military Wives this evening so won't have time today. I think your Stafford ST315 is the next one up from mine. There is an instruction book but I learn better by being shown so if I have to work it out for myself it will take me longer. I'm not great with tech stuff. So it would be great if I could ask you questions if I have a problem. Thanks again
  2. I too have recently bought a small 2nd hand kiln, a Cromarty Little Wonder fitted with a Kiln Sitter, quite old but in good condition. I've stocked up with mini cones for it but then had no idea how long to fire for and how to ramp it. Consequently I've just invested in a Stafford Instruments ST222 Controller. I'm now trying to understand how to program it. Now reading manual for 3rd time. Slow on the uptake - Me? Just like to make sure I've got it right . Will keep you updated with my progress.