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  1. Sodium Carbonate

    Thank you for the response. My professor recommended that I boil water several times in the teapot in order to make sure it's safe. I think I will try that and see how it goes.
  2. upset at my latest fail in ceramics

    1. Biglou13


      Your latest failure fast forwards you to greater success

  3. Sodium Carbonate

    Hello, I recently finished my first teapot (I am a newcomer to ceramics as a college student) and was very proud of my piece. However, upon close inspection my professor remarked that the glaze I applied to the inside of the teapot, lithium blue, contained sodium carbonate and is considered toxic but quickly affirmed that it would not be too dangerous to ingest. Can anyone here attest to the danger (or lack thereof) of this chemical? I'm feeling discouraged and wonder if it will be safe enough to make tea with? I had planned on giving the teapot as a gift to my family for Christmas, but now, I'm really not sure I want to. Any thoughts/advice?? Please help!