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  1. Why would you want the long, hard copper thing? I was hoping it would melt and create some beautiful effects on the glaze.
  2. I think the glaze was too thick - and probably should have been thinned with water a bit. I have one vase that has a bit of this happening and it is actually esthetically interesting. But not in the case of this little pitcher. It's too bad because I am happy with the the glaze - other than the bottom!! I may try to grind it, but I hear what you are saying in that it might be faster/better just to do a new pot. It's all a learning process for me right now. Thanks for your help!
  3. I just started 6 months ago so I'm a newbie. A couple of my pieces have had glaze pool in bulges at the bottom. I need to know why this happens - is the glaze too thick? Can I sand or file it down? (i've attached a photo)