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  1. Forms, Molds, Etc

    Thank you all for you suggestions! I actually have contacts for area plastic companies, but have not called due to holidays. I'm going to research that end of it before I try any plaster work.
  2. Forms, Molds, Etc

    Thank you for the link............ it looks like you could make a variety of molds using the plaster over styrofoam method, but I'm not sure I have the skill to do that. The easiest thing I've seen is a plastic / fiberglass form made by Randy Johnston----- he cut a dart in the material and rested it on a base. It's thin enough to cut and shape, yet strong enough to hold a wet slab. He doesn't think it's made anymore, but I"m picturing plastic similar to that used for pet cones. With a material like that you could easily make custom shapes.
  3. Forms, Molds, Etc

    Thank you Colby for your suggestions! I have some plaster molds but I've never found one that has that hammock shape.
  4. I have a slab roller and so far, exclusively hand build platters of various sizes. I use all kinds of things to support my slabs as they dry, but I've never discovered a foolproof consistent method of supporting my slabs in a form pleasing to my eye. I would love to find a way to form a catenary---- a hammock shape, if you will. One potter online uses a type of fiberglass-like material, but it's no longer made. I bought a long wooden metate but it only works on small pieces. Does anyone have any ideas or material they use for this shape? Or material found that can make a variety of unique shapes and will support the weight of a wet slab?
  5. Making Very Fine Lines!

    Thank you for all the ideas.......... underglaze pencils sound like they could work. I was reading an article by Judith King and she echoes my feelings: half of her wants to draw and paint, and the other half to make things with clay. I'm hoping the pencils will give me that "drawing feeling" on my clay and still maintain their fine lines after firing. It's an adventure!
  6. I am fairly new to pottery and often find my thoughts and imagination outrun my knowledge and skills......my thoughts are currently taking me to very fine lines. For example, a head-full of strands of hair. I tried making a very fine line with an applicator, using underglaze, but after firing the glaze "settled" a bit and while it didn't exactly run, the lines were no longer pencil thin as when I applied them. So I did a little research online and saw two products that could possibly do the trick: choxils like a chalk, with the density of a pencil. According to the product description, these "pencils" can be sharpened in traditional pencil sharpeners. The other choice are potter's pens. Has anyone used either of these products to make very fine lines and been pleased? Or, are there techniques / products out there that I don't even know about yet?? BTW, I bisque to cone 06 and fire to cone 5 with a brownish speckly clay.
  7. Foot Impression?

    PotterBeth, thank you for the great suggestion!! Just bought it, along with the wooden hole smoother........... Thank you!!
  8. Foot Impression?

    Thank you for your comments.......... I've already gone the no foot route, but making a larger foot sounds like it might work. I will try that, as well as perhaps waiting longer than I have been waiting. I am enjoying the look of these pieces ---- finding objects to make all the different sized holes has been a challenge......... )
  9. 99% of the time I make flat, handbuilt platters using my slab roller........but every once in a while I'll make a bowl shaped platter with a foot. Invariably, no matter how gentle or how unobtrusively I try to place the foot, it always leaves an impression, albeit a very faint one at times, on the other side. Any suggestions on how to place a foot without any evidence of its presence on the inside of the bowl?
  10. Custom Extruder Templates

    Thanks to all of you for all the great ideas and contacts! I'm definitely going to contact those folks and get some info on the custom extruder dies!
  11. Good afternoon All! I was trolling through the internet and through various twists and turns on Pinterest, found a blog showing one potter's work from Minnesota. She makes beautiful pieces, but in between photos and explanations, it said that while she makes most of her extruder templates, the one shown for the foot, she'd had made. It looked really good----professional, not like a recycled credit card. It was even beveled. I spent quite a while searching online, but came up with nothing........... does anyone know of a custom extruder template maker? Thanks!! Maya
  12. Clay lover, I know exactly what you mean. When I first cut out my shape, I set aside the scraps and then form the feet from them. I slump the form and work on it, while letting the feet "age" along with the piece. The problem I encountered was that they never seemed to attach as well once they were leather hard. I used the slip and score method, but they never attached as well as when the clay is first malleable and soft. I've even had the feet fall off..........oy vey. Hence my question about how to work the inside AND the outside.
  13. I always tell my fourth graders there's no such thing as a silly question, but this probably qualifies: I handbuild exclusively and now that retirement is just around the corner, am spending more and more time on my clay. But I always seem to have a conundrum: either I slump into a mold and am able to carve and decorate the interior of the piece, or hump onto a mold and can carve and put feet, etc on the exterior. Dilemma? I can't figure out how to do both. How do you decorate the interior AND also put feet, etc on the exterior? Thoughts? Advice?
  14. Serious Warping

    If I cut out my mission outline from a slab and fire it laying flat, do y'all think it'll still warp? Kind of a "mission-shaped" tile.
  15. Serious Warping

    Ha! I get it Neil....... walked right into that one. Thanks everyone for the info. I may just go flat----giving it that curve seems more trouble than it's worth.