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  1. Partial Reglazing

    Thank You to everyone that responded. I used the microwave tip and everything adhered really well. Reglazed and they turned out good. Two pieces have just been saved from the trash!!! Thanks again dana
  2. Hi, this is my first post, but I've been reading and learning from all of you for quite some time. My question is about reglazing just part of a pot. There are a few areas on a piece that didn't get glazed (oops) and I'm wondering if I can just reglaze those parts. This is a low fire piece (04). Also I have another piece, a vase that I didn't glaze the bottom because I was using a Crystal glaze that I thought would run (it didn't). So I want to redo the bottom and this is probably a silly question but can I set the vase down upside down on the part that is already glazed. When you put a piece back int kiln does the old glaze remelt?? Thanks for any help you can offer. dana