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  1. Cones And Soaking Times Theory

    I have an old kiln that has a kiln sitter. I would like to increase the amount of crystal formation in the glazes I am using, some are Steven Hill glazes and some are standard ^6 "dip" glazes. Would there be a recommendation to soak the kiln, at what setting and for how long, after the kiln sitter has turned off the kiln? I have put in cones to see how the kiln tends to fire in the past and the kiln sitter turns off the kiln but the test cones on the shelves do not indicate that a full ^6 has been reached. That said I have gotten some beautiful results, not too runny. Reading thru all these posts I think I may have made a mistake by putting a ^6 indicator cone in today! But I would still like to try out the "soak". Any guidance would be appriciated!