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  1. Goofed My First Bisque Firing

    Found someone who said they would try to glaze a couple pieces (one each of the different clay bodies) and fire them in one of the local university's kilns. She wasn't to concerned about them already being fired to maturity. Let y'all know how they turn out.
  2. Goofed My First Bisque Firing

    Down the road I might give it a try to see what sticks. I'll warm the pieces first, per Chris' post above, and in the meantime I'll bag 'em as Lucille suggested. Out of curiosity, after warming the pieces, should I sponge dampen the surface with water prior to applying the glaze?
  3. Goofed My First Bisque Firing

    Thanks for the lead. Water drop test tells me it's a no-go. No absorption.
  4. I've just finished my first ever bisque firing (being a beginner and hobbyist) with my home kiln, and realized that maybe I shouldn't have fired it to cone 6—that number stuck in my head because the clay bodies used were rated thusly. So, should I bother trying to glaze the pieces, or just chalk it up as a lesson learned? My concern would be that since the pieces are now vitreous or "matured" that all or most of the glaze will just run off, getting past the shelf edge and onto the kiln floor—which will have an application of kiln wash, but still, I don’t want to risk it. Clay bodies used were High Water Clay's Little Loafer's, and Speckled Brownstone. Regards, FW