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  1. Cleaning Practices

    Thanks for the info! We have a community studio but there isn't a whole lot of traffic. Everyone is really good about cleaning up after themselves but I was just curious about the how often folks clean their studio floors....what's the norm. So, this has been helpful.
  2. Just wondering how often your studios get cleaned....mopped, dusted etc. Also, do any of you run a HEPA filter in your studio? Thanks!
  3. Pinging Pots

    We've had pinging too on some of our students pieces. This was informative!
  4. Thanks for all the great responses!
  5. We have a studio that is open to individuals who take classes. They are free to come in and use the space outside of class. I am trying to put together a list of "Studio Rules of Etiquette" just as a reminder to students (they range in age from teen to adult). This is what I have so far: #1 Do not touch anyone else's work unless you have permission (This seems to be a big one that we have a problem with) #2 Clean up after yourself. Leave your space cleaner than when you arrived. #3 If you borrow someone else's tools, templates, etc. put them back where you borrowed them from. #4 Watch your elbows, arms, bats, boards, etc. when placing items on the shelf. Please be aware of the other masterpieces on the shelf. Anyone have any more etiquette rules I can add for an open studio? Thanks for any info!