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  1. At the risk of being called a smarty pants, I've pasted a copy of the 'Ten Commandments' we have posted in the studio at school. Not really earth shattering and I know there are other things that need to be addressed, but it does make everyone stop and think for a bit. ************************************************ The Ten Commandments for Potters 1. Thou shalt not make dust. 2. Thou shalt not pick up greenware by the lip, handle or other fragile area. 3. Thou shalt not touch projects that do not belong to thee. 4. Thou shalt put all supplies back WHERE THEY BELONG AND CLEAN THE AREA (Refer to Rule #1) before departing. 5. Thou shalt let stain dry thoroughly before glazing. 6. Thou shalt practice on the wheel at least once a week for more than 10 minutes and start projects at least 2 weeks before thou needeth them. 7. Thou shalt CARVE THY INITIALS OR MARK in the bottom of thy projects. 8. Thou shalt place glazed ware in kiln room on the proper shelf. 9. Thou shalt believe thy teacher that the silly pink glaze or stain on thy pot will fire blue. 10. Thou shalt trust thy teacher.