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  1. Low Fire Clay Ok?

    Thanks for the response. My plan is to use underglazes. Could you tell me if I need to fire to bisque before I apply the underglaze or can I apply the underglaze directly to the leather hard clay? I'm confused also if I have to fire the clear top glaze separately or if I can just layer. I wish I had a mini-kiln for experiments!
  2. Low Fire Clay Ok?

    Let me start by saying, I am not a potter although I'm a big ceramics fan. I do own a top and side firing kiln that I've used mostly for glass fusing. I do a lot of glass mosaics and I'd like to make some ceramic pieces to incorporate into my mosaics - basic shapes and maybe work my way up to some decoratively painted fish tiles. All flat. I'd like to purchase some clay and I'm thinking for my purposes, I can get away with low fire. Do you think that's correct? I'm guessing people use high fire for artcles you drink out of or eat off of? Is there a clay 101 on the pros and cons of low versus high fire clay? Thank you!