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  1. Strange Raised Bumps On Plates - Help

    Here are two photos, Thank you for the help in discovering how to upload photos. You can see the bloated portions in each plate.
  2. Strange Raised Bumps On Plates - Help

    Hi Pres and Chris and Marcia. Many thanks for your insights. I found the camera, and attempted to upload photos. Okay, I don't know how to upload photos to this forum. I tried including them from Word and got an error message. Could you please instruct me on how I can include the photos? I'd never heard of bloating. (Down side of being self taught). It's a great word to describe what I see. Let's see. Marcia: Glaze run is to cone 6 ramped quickly on my manual L&L 1970's kiln with kiln sitter, two rings, two knobs, low medium high -- setting knobs simultaneously to each setting with about 70 minutes in between clicks. Glazes are Amaco Potter's Choice PC-33 Iron Luster cone 5/6 (shades of brown) and one from our local shop Leslie's Ceramics Supply Niji Purple Cone 5 brushing glaze. Bisque (over a year ago) and while I keep a record of how I fire, I'm not certain which load these two came from. Best guess looked like: 1230 lower ring on low, upper ring off, lid propped and lower ring peep hole plugged, upper peep open. 1530: low and low, 1845: Med and low. 2015: med and med, lid closed, open peep still open. 2115 hi and med 2230 hi and hi and both peeps plugged. Next question if this is bloating, can you describe what's happening and the clincher: how to prevent it in a manually fired kiln?
  3. I am hoping someone can shed light on this strange trouble I found in this monring's glaze kiln run. I threw small plates of stoneware (IMCO 1C) which were bisqued to cone 04 and then sat in a box for about 11 months. I washed them gently with a damp sponge and allowed them to dry in dappled sunlight for about an hour. Then brushed on 2-3 coats of various commercial glazes. Most come out wonderfully. Two developed the strangest raised welts (largest is about 2 inches long by 0.5 inches wide) I've ever seen. These are NOT blisters in the glaze. They appear to be like balloons which have inflated within the clay warping the inside bottom of the plates around where the flat bottom transitions to the angeled rim. The glaze over these ballons appears to have a tiny separation exposing a thin line of clay, but is otherwise undisturbed. I've been throwing plates of all sizes for two years; this is the first I've seen such a thing. Any insight is welcome. Thank you.