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  1. Acquired a kiln recently that was in service at a special needs school. Cosmetically, it looks very well taken care of however I know very little about kilns other than I now have a slip cast project under my belt and several molds ready to fire (cone 6). I'd love to know all there is to know about this kiln, especially if its any good (read: works). Did Crusader in Holland, MI go out of business, because there's very little about them and the only book I've found traces of is out of print and seemingly unobtainable. This 215-222 kiln is a top loading model, has two peep holes and two manual temp control knobs. It's 240 volts, 25 amps, 6000 watts. I have a gamut of questions before I turn the power on and possibly wreck the first batch of slip casts. Although I know there will be a round of 'getting up to speed' with this thing, I'd like to go into this as well armed as possible. Thanks again for whatever insight you can throw my way. Best, Damon The Rusty VW, LLC