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  1. Skutt 231-18 two sections?

    Thanks for the information on the center ring. Are elements labeled center the ones to get for the top of the bottom and the lower half of the top section?
  2. Skutt 231-18 two sections?

    Thanks y'all. I'll probably just buy the official stuff. But thermal mass might be needed to get the kiln to cone 10. plus it'll soak more and cool slower.
  3. Skutt 231-18 two sections?

    I was planning on putting some hard bricks inside the kiln as furniture and to hold more heat since the kiln has 2.5" bricks. eh guys? Also what about these elements on ebay that just say 220V 600W. They come in all different wattages from 200-5000. Also I only have top and bottom no middle kiln section. Seems like bigceramicsstore.com is a rip.
  4. Skutt 231-18 two sections?

    I am about to replace the elements in skutt 231-18. Replacement elements range from $40-200. http://www.seattlepotterysupply.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=SKRP http://kruegerpottery.com/repair-parts/skutt-repair/skutt-elements/10-sided-kilns/element-for-km1018-ks108-231-18-240v-1ph-top-bottom.html Whats up? I plan to fire this kiln to cone 10. Advice please