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  1. Keeping First Pieces

    Hello All, I got a few chuckles at some of the other replies, especially the mug on the window sill. I have a lot of my first pieces used as cats bowls, each night when I feed the cats I look at the wonky bowls and awfully turned feet and marvel how bad they are... It took me ages to get something off the wheel that was more than an inch high, so I was quite proud of my first attempts at the time. At times I feel like I have not come very far with my throwing but looking back at my first ones I can see the improvement. I think it's a great way to gauge how you are going to look back on the past disasters.. Ret, on a humid day in Sydney, Oz...
  2. Altermatives For Wax Resist

    Hello, I am a mature Ceramics Diploma student from Australia. At my Tafe, I suppose you would call it college... We use a wet piece of carpet off-cut to remove glaze off the bottom of our pieces, not soaking wet but not too dry either on the carpet. Some people also do the cold wax, but the carpet method is quicker and easier. It seems to work quite well. Loretta