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  1. Walker Pug Mill

    I rebuilt a Walker in August 2014 and found the spiders here :http://www.richardscompany.com/ I think I bought 2 for $52.23, They were so hard to fnid I decided to buy a spare. You'll need the coupling spec. Hope this helps.
  2. Controller Upgrade

    Just noticed that Bartlett has posted a price of $329 for their new controller. An extra $110 for "neat and spiffy" might not be to bad if it also has some additional features.
  3. De-Airing Pugmill

    If it isn't an integral mount motor it's no problem at all. Unfortunatelly most small pugmills use integral motors and may not be standard NEMA frames. Check the motor nameplate for the frame no and start there. Good Luck. Almost all vacuum pumps now appear to be non-NEMA propietary designs. Can't imagine why they used 3 phase on that small of a motor.
  4. Like many here , I operate in a dry studio meaning all water must be carried in and out. Settling buckets help, filter systems only add a new problem and I'm still searching for the ultimate solution. I live in the center of a major dairy area and the thought occured that maybe a cream separator could provide a contineous stream of clear water, Small electric units aren't terribly expensive. Has anyone ever tried this? Thanks for any thoughts. Marv
  5. I consistently fire about a half cone cooler in the top and bottom of my Olympic 2327HE single zone kiln, Watching loading and shelf spacing helps but doesn’t eliminate the situation. I was wondering if it’s possible to simply add two new T/Cs and split the relay outputs to convert the Bartlett Controller to three zone control. As far as I can determine the actual controller board is standard and determines zone control based on how T/Cs are connected. Any help would be appreciated. Yes, I know this voids the warrenties.
  6. The key words are "Urgently". and "new". Good bargains can be found on Craigslist but seldom do you see a near new kiln and around here they usually are not bargains. I spent 6 months waiting for mine. If "Urgently" is a true criteria online shopping the major suppliers is probably your best bet, unless you have a local supplier who really want's your business.. Several of the online people have very attractive freight deals.
  7. Walker Pug Mill

    I currently have a rebuilt one listed on Craigslist in Portland OR. Research for value is all over the place. The last two SALES on eBay were for $900 and $1025, but I also found recent sales for “AS IS Condition†as low as $300 and found one listed on an auction site for $5250. Parts to rebuild/repair are very expensive and a drive or motor replacement is most likely not economical. Condition is everything. A very nice gentleman did send me a word file of a more recent Owner’s manual that I can convert to PDF. Send me your email and I’ll gladly share.
  8. Question About Walker Mixer/pugger

    Thanks for the input, Finished adding a reversing switch this afternoon. Have a new coupling spider on order and will be firing the rebuilt unit up as soon as it arrives.
  9. Quick question about the walker pugger. I picked one up on the cheap and figured it had a reversing function to switch between mixing ang pugging. The motor connection diagram indicates it is a reversing motor but it's not wired that way. I know they can be dangerous so don't need any background on that, just want to know if they normally reverse or was that an option. Thanks in advance, The Fugal Potter
  10. After several months of searching , I located a used Venco 3" pugmill. Haven't picked it up yet but it was left full of clay. I want to clean it out rather than cross contaminate a bunch of clay but my first cousin Murphy tells me I'll probably mess up the gaskets in the process. I want to have new gaskets on hand before I open it up. Venco says you can use two layers of "electrical tape" for a gasket but they don't spec which electrical tape. I'm sure 3M makes at least a hundred types of electrical tape. My question is, what do you use or do you buy factory spares? Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance. .
  11. I looking at the Shimpo PM-071 pugmill as a possible addition to my hobby studio. I already have a vacuum pump and wanted to confirm that the Shimpo PM-071 "Standard" comes complete with the correct auger and shredding screens for vacuum de-airing. In fact, I have even had a problem proving to myself that Shimpo even uses shredding screens in this pugmill- no mention of it on their website or in any of the literature I've found.. I was told it does by Shimpo but they had no documentation to back that up. Could someone familiar with the PM-071 please give me a hand? Thanks
  12. I have an opportunity to purchase a used pugmill, however it is a 100mm Venco which is much larger than my needs. Am I adding more problems than I'm solving by buying a unit this large for my hobby studio? I know I can throttle the unit back some by blocking the screen but I still see myself running only short periods for my requirements. Any help would be appreciated.