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  1. New Home "studio"

    Thank you for your response. I did some research and in 2011, coyote glazes were rated the highest. I plan to start with pints. It looks like they also sell some in 10 lb. bags which looks a lot better than 25 lbs! I plan to do the test firing in the next couple of weeks. I have to have an electrician wire it for me. Would you mind telling me more about how you are brushing on glazes? I appreciate the advice about the hake brushes. I am wondering if you are able to do any two glaze effects or putting two glazes in separate places for a breaking effect. I have only brushed glazes on once and I did all one color. I put it on 3 times. Any pictures would be great or letting me know where I might find it on this website I am also getting used to the idea of Cone 6 clay and what happens with that. Do you have any experience or warnings about Cone 6 clays and how they interact with certain glazes. Bmix in cone 10 brings out grays in clay and celadon pretty on most clays is awful on bmix. Thank you again. I am both nervous about this and excited. Waiting for firings in the studio (and often the unpredictability of gas firings) has been difficult.
  2. New Home "studio"

    Thank you all for your comments. I should have clarified and said that I do not intend to fire it above cone 6 but i love the T-Shirt idea! Chris, thank you for pointing out the videos and articles. I do plan to do the test firing next month. How did you begin with your glazes? Pint size brush it on? Thanks to all.
  3. I am hoping that you all may be able to help me through my next phase. I began at a pottery studio 8 months ago. To say that I've fallen in love with pottery is an understatement. So I took the next step. . . I have an 8 x 12 shed with a wheel and a wedging table and cabinet. I'm throwing like a madwoman! I've even taken my wheel out on our deck overlooking the Maine woods - nirvana! So I have that down and it's time to fire up the used kiln I bought. It is a GARE electric with a kiln sitter that can go to cone 10. I I am used to working with cone 10 clay and I love the 550 porcelain. I've worked with 910 (too groggy) 700 (better) BMix, and two white clays (can't remember). I found that b-mix at the studio seemed to pull out so much gray in the glazes so celadon was AWFUL. Working with glazes (cone 5/6) is all new. I can't afford the dry (25lbs???) and do not want to invest in something until I am sure So I am reaching out to kindhearted potters for help. Advice about the first firing, the best glazes (I tend to like pastels), the best clay (I prefer white and porcelain). My pottery studio also has a supply that is well stocked. So, I'm looking for advise about commercial glazes, firing, electric kilns etc. Any information/advice is appreciated. I look forward to learning and maybe some day being able to know enough to pay it forward.