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  1. it's a hand crank and on B/O right now. I'll post how it works.
  2. Thank you for your replies. We have a large meat grinder on order from Gander Mountain. I can't afford the cost of a comercial pug mill or the physical stress of doing it by hand.
  3. First Firing Of A Used Kiln?

    I'd go slow at first in case there's excesive moisture in it.
  4. Has anyone tried using a meat grinder as a pugmill? We don't use enough clay at one time to justify even the smallest comercial model. I thinking of comercial hand grinders which are available used for about $50 around here.
  5. Yes, that can be done but I think mounting it above the wheel and using the motor's weight add to the drive force is easier.
  6. I am building a motorized kick wheel as I haven't seen one in person I could use some help with the design. The kick wheel itself will be filled with concrete. What are good diameters and thicknesses? What is a good speed range? I'll be using a 1/2HP 3 phase motor with an inverter drive for variable speed. What heigth for the wheel head above the kick wheel? LOML who will be using it is 5'4" tall. The frame will be 2" square steel tube. I plan on using 3" double locking casters to make it mobil. Is this, about 9", too high above the floor to the top of the kick wheel? Thank you for your help.