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  1. Purchasing Kilin

    I have the opportunity to purchase a used kiln. I am knew to this so I could use some guidance. The first is an electric pottery kiln, two tier, Econo brand, has shelves and stilts and says it is best for low fire but can go up to cone 6. Unknown price at this point. The second is a Sitter ceramic kiln model LT-3K, 240 V.A.C 50 amps 60 HZ N. Cost $250 The third is a L&L Econo kiln, 220 plug, full shelf and 2 half shelves and some supports in various sizes. It is a "manual kiln that operates with a small cone shut-off that is placed across a pair of kiln sitters". Outside dimensions 27"high, 27"wide. Interior dimensions 18" high and 17" wide. Cost $195 Thanks for any help. I am new to this Allison
  2. Have the opportunity purchase a kiln and would love some guidance