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  1. Thanks for all the advice, i did a test fire in the new kiln yesterday, manual said to take it to 1100 C and soak there for a hour, but manual did not say what increments to use, i decided to take it slow up with 200 c/ hour to 1100. All went well. But it was too hot to open last night, i will open this morning, but i only had the kiln shelves in which i used kiln wash on, think i did that wrong. The medium oven i did a test fire on as well the cone sitter is broken and the dial i am not even sure what it does, i switched it on and within about 30 min it was already glowing red hot, i put in a 04 cone on the shelve so i can see when it will bend, that oven too was too hot to open but looking through the hole i can no longer see the cone, so not sure if it melt away totally, but no matter how i turned the dial on that mystery kiln it just went hotter, finally after about 3 hours i just switched it off at the plug so it can start to cool. I think this oven needs some type of temp control system. Going to the factory this morning i will take some photos and try get the name off the mystery kiln. Lol i think we just named this little kiln, her official name is Mystery now on kiln wash, i got a packet of kiln wash which i need to mix with water and then paint on, but how thick do one paint it on, its leaving a kind of powdery look to my shelves, do i whipe off this powdery susbstance or leave it on. And do i also put kiln wash on the bottom of my kiln floor?
  2. Morning good friends, its 6 am in South Africa. A few months ago i bought a few moulds and a very old kiln second hand but never got around using it as i was busy opening a craft shop. That was November last year, wow time flies. Anyway, about 3 weeks ago i decided to go out and get started with this. Problem is i seem to be the only one in my area doing it and help is scares. I found some ceramic slip, underglazes, tools etc and casted my first few items, unmoulded, let it dry, cleaned and then tried to fire. Problem is i had no idea how the kiln worked and the cone sitter was non existing, kiln came on red hot after switching on, but i placed my things in the oven and first it sounded like pop corn, i immediately opened the kiln to found some of my new masterpieces were popping and breaking, so i assumed the heat was just too hot and it needed graduate heat adjustment, but with now switches in working condition i propped open the lid and peep holes, let it heat up for an hour, then closed the lid halfway for an hour, then closed completely, then peep holes etc till it was closed and then fired for an hour. All took about 5 hours, its not a big kiln. Let it cool and it came out not bad, but was not white, more than a off white color, so i assume its slightly over fired. But then disaster struck, i heard a pop and the kiln did not want to came on again, looked inside and the elements snapped. Because its so old and tired looking hubby decided its not worth fixing, as i already spend quite a bit of money on tools, underglazes and sit with moulds,i decided to venture out and find another kiln, got -again a second hand one and over 400 used moulds,which i am so happy with - the molds it is, the kiln, i decided i am not going the second hand route again, but the lady wanted to get rid of it so i made a offer of R1000 more or less $90, and got it. This one also got a cone sitter and looks better than the previous one, but again no manual with it, some non working parts, i don't know where to start with it and don't want a repeat of the last one. Hubby surprised me with a brand new even bigger one, paragon, automatic, so now this newby sit with all the toys but to scared to start it and don't know where to start. Especially the new one i don't want to make mistakes on. I will take photos of all 3 if anybody can assist me in getting started. I know so little, heard of kiln wash etc, viewed over a hundred videos but more confused after every one, plz help