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    Its an Olympic Kiln and I've tried contacting the store in my area but they close right as I get off work. I will go and check out the book cause that would really help a lot. And yes right now I'm just trying to do a test fire before i start working on a piece I could ruin. The last thing i would wanna do is destroy my kiln before I could properly use it. For my question my old high school pottery teacher had a temp gauge on the kiln and after firing when the temp would get really low she would prop the lid open maybe and inch or two to let our pots cool a little faster. But she would only do it when it got really cool inside the kiln. If i don't do that then could I open the second peephole or just wait all together until the next morning to unload it?
  2. Another Amateur

    Thanks so much i get so excited about doing my artwork and you and Bob really helped me think about how I'm going to do this. I appreciate all the help!
  3. Another Amateur

    Thanks Bob! I really appreciate the answers. I was just looking at your reply and was inspecting the knob more and there arent any switches either. It says Fireright on the knob section and has SET on it too. Does that change anything?
  4. Hey, My name is Anna and a somewhat amateur at pottery. I took courses all throughout highschool and absolutely fell in love with it. I used to play in the mud as a kid and I'm sure it is no suprise that after taking the classes and everything I'd want a kiln. My mom bought me a kiln sitter model k s18a from an elderly woman and decided it'd be a perfect present for my birthday and it was. The only problem was that I had no instructions on how to use it except for the very vague manufacturers operating manuals. That was about 2 years ago and just on Monday we were able to get all the electrical stuff hooked up. I have already purchased all the necessary stuff that I would need but i have just a few questions on how to do my test firings and bisque firings and all that. Here's a little info. I already know about the kiln: automatic shutoff, fires to cone 8, electric, and that it gets hot pretty fast. Question 1: Since my kiln is an older model and does not have a low-med-high temp guage/knob and all it has is a dial with numbers up to 9 and a section saying HOLD does that just mean hours? And if so would that mean I would increase my "hours" until the automatic shut off engaged? Question 2: Would the same logic above be applied to glaze fires? Question 3: If it does not have a temperature gauge then do i have to prop the lid open to relase some heat after firing is finished? I know it needs to cool down slowly but I have no idea when to prop it open. Question 4: Do I also need to keep a peephole open during firing? And lastly question 5: Before applying kiln wash do I need to slightly wash my kiln shelf or should I use a damp cloth? Its really dust haha. Anywho I'm sorry my post is so long and I'd really appreciate any answers that could be given or any advice/references. I can also take photos and post them if need for a better description. Thanks!