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  1. Under Fired Bisque

    Thanks everyone. Sorry, didn't mean to be so defensive right off the bat. I'm using a Highwater red earthenware clay that i've used for years but i wasn't sure if re-firing would be too much stress on the pieces. I stupidly moved the kiln but didn't check the calibration on the sensing rod for the cone before firing again. (lesson learned) The pieces are for a project that's due this week so I didn't want ruin them and also didn't want to give someone inferior work. But I've decided they fired enough to just move forward. I'll just cross my fingers for this glaze firing tonight. I've read through several other topics in the forum and there's lots of great info here. -kelly
  2. Under Fired Bisque

    Thank you, Mark. I'm new to this so I was just looking for a simple answer.
  3. Under Fired Bisque

    no need to be an ass. thanks for nothing. adios.
  4. Under Fired Bisque

    I fired some greenware last night to cone 04 but the sensing rod wasn't properly set and it under-fired. Should i fire the bisque again or just glaze them and fire them at cone 05 as usual? They seem like they fired long enough to become sturdy and hold glaze. Thanks. -Kelly