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  1. Glaze

    Thank you guys for your quick responses..saw some relatively inexpensive raku glazes, but dont have the kiln..thought I might try.
  2. Glaze

    Has anyone ever used raku glazes for regular 06/05 firing and if so what are the results like?
  3. Amaco Transparent Glaze

    I have a gallon of transparent gloss glaze. Ive had it for About a year and when i took it out of the box, It has a pepto pink cast to it. Ive had pints before but It was not pink.. Is this new to see the glaze and will It be clear after firing?? Anyone..anyone?
  4. Photographing Artwork

    mossyrock, i have found many styles of 'lightcubes" on EBAY either separately or with lights for a fairly inexpensive price!