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  1. Hmm...okay. I will try this. But let me also ask the question a different way. Generally speaking, is this (firing) something that's going to be a dollar? Ten bucks? Twenty bucks? Just a ballpark figure or a general idea of what it costs to fire things is all I'm looking for. I'm going to try to get that KWH cost figure shortly...hold on...
  2. Can anyone give me an idea for firing times for small ceramics pieces (plates, bowls, etc.) and what the electricity cost might be for firing such pieces? It's a long story, but I'm building a pottery wheel for two longtime ceramics artists, and since the space will be shared they want to know the electricity cost of running a kiln. Attached you will find a couple photos of the kiln (230 volts, 45 amps, 10350 watts, 2300 degrees F max temperature):