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  1. I've recently become intrigued with this method of adding texture and would like to give it a try but haven't been able find the formula for making the solution. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Glaze ?

    Thank you for the clarification of the frit and weight. Gary Taylor
  3. Glaze ?

    Darrel I can't wait to try your ripe cantaloupe glaze but a little confused with the Frit. Is that 20 grams of Frit 3249? My eye sight isn't great and I can't quite make it out. Sorry if that's a dumb question. Thanks Gary Taylor
  4. Aluminum Foil Sagger Firing

    Jim Thank you very much for the information. I appreciate it very much. Your links to other threads is very helpful. I intend to continue doing research until to get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities with saggar firing before I approach the glaze firing committee at the co-op. Your tea bowl is beautiful. I would do cartwheels if I was able to do that and being 61 and over weight would be quite a feat. Gary Taylor
  5. Aluminum Foil Sagger Firing

    Thank you Raku Man. The post you attached is wonderful. The glaze has so much life to it which I hope to achieve on my functional pieces. Gary Taylor .
  6. Aluminum Foil Sagger Firing

    Thank you everyone for your responses. It would appear aluminum foil is out of the question for me unless I reserve the entire kiln to fire under 1000 degrees which I don't think the co-op would allow. But perhaps I can sagger fire one or two of my pieces to see what I get. The response from OffCentre (Jim) suggests using coffee ground in his sagger. This has opened up a number of questions. Do you generally add something to the inside of the sagger and do I glaze the piece first? As you can see I'm a neophite when it comes to anything other than traditional firing. I'll do a search of topic on this forum to see what I can find. In the meantime can anyone suggest a book that I can purchase that will explain sagger firing? Thanks again everyone. Gary Taylor
  7. Hello Fellow pot(ting) addicts. This is my first posting and I hope I'm doing this correctly. I am a reasonably new potter and would like to experiment with alternate firing techniques. I belong to a local pottery co-op and therefore at the mercy of the glaze firing committee and the glazes approved by the committee. I do use some commercial glazes and I am currently exploring different cone 6 glazes and firing techniques and as such hoping to get some information and advice. Our kilns are both electric. We bisque fire to cone 06 and glaze fire to cone 6. I've been hearing about aluminum foil firing and I've read about sagger firing. I understand sagger firing reduces oxidation and can effect the glaze in interesting ways. Is it possible to sagger in an electric kiln to cone 6? And also how does one fire with aluminum foil and will it work in an electric cone 6 firing? Thank you all very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Gary Taylor