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  1. So_Cal potter


  2. So_Cal potter

    close-up of a panel from the luminary lamp

    Thank you, I tried to give the city a dark sooty foreboding place
  3. So_Cal potter

    african mask

    Thank you, you are very kind
  4. So_Cal potter

    closeup of skyline

  5. So_Cal potter

    New York City skyline luminary/lamp

    This is my first experiment. I picked up a lamp and dicided to make a base for it and also create a skyline scenery of New York with a 25 watt bulb and fixture inside the base.
  6. So_Cal potter


    A larger image of some of the pieces that I've made
  7. Hi, I just finished a feww classes and bought a wheel but the turn around time at the studio's kiln is way too long. I'm looking to find a place to fire. I live in Los Angeles, and can drive to Orange County if need be. thanks
  8. So_Cal potter

    ceramic 7 inch flasks

  9. So_Cal potter

    ceeramic flask series


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