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  1. that isn't a crackled glaze, that is a simple clear with a copper green liner and iron oxide brushing. I see little to no crazing in that glaze to indicate it would allow liquid through it. As far as crackle glazes go ... http://www.gtp.com.a...ages/CV-810.jpg ... the important question is ... "is this a stoneware piece?" since you need to know if it reached a temperature high enough to stop absorbing liquids. From what I've seen on that ebay listing ... who knows. I posted that link to show what kind of cup I was talking about. And I should probably use “cracked“ instead of “crackled“ - I dropped it once. But liquid isnt leaking or sth. They bake the bowl at 1230-1250℃, they paint the bowl and then they bake it at 700-800℃ ( http://remiojapan.co...i-mino-pottery/ ) At least it has more wabi-sabi look, but still.....
  2. I have a question concerning safety of pottery dishes: Is it safe to drink from dishes with crakled glaze? (this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Oribe-Chawan-Matcha-Green-Tea-Japan-/260368966974 ). Thanks for your answers