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  1. It is only important as a marketing tool. I agree that signitures and marks can be interesting as a visual element, but beyond that they have little meaning. It is the buyer or the client that usually finds value in a signiture so they can add value to their "collectable". Hamada didn't sign his work and when asked about this he said jokingly the good pots would always be atributed to him. Like I say it can be a valuable marketing tool so from that point of veiw I beleive it has value.
  2. One of my favorite pieces of pottery, a honey pot, has been in my family for many many years...It was salt fired made in Pennsylvania and has the year and a stamp from what pottery it came from. It has always been special but I remember looking at the stamp on the bottom as a kid and gave it more meaning somehow. I struggle with signing my pots and am really inconsistent with it... but I think it is important and it gives more of a personal touch whether its a stamp or a signature