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  1. I need to find a mold maker in the Sacramento, Ca area. I do porcelain dog and horse art and my mold maker quit. Ugggg!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your help!! Diana
  3. I would say not more than 50 pieces. I like to bring out new art rather than doing the same piece for a long time. I have done about 6 different sculptures in the porcelain since I started and am chompin' at the bit to do more asap. Everything so far is laying down or "sleeping" or sitting. The horses and dogs, standing, probably I'd like to do 1-2 feet on the ground moving, and of course there are ears and fur, etc. My bisque fire is at a cone 04, then the glaze fire at a cone 6. I then china paint at least 2x's a cone 018. I hope that helps. I'd have to go find the exact temperatures for that. I'd like to do pieces up to around 8-10 inches in length/height, if possible, but don't have a problem with starting smaller to get the hang of it.
  4. This was an 8 piece mold. The "My Toy" toy on the side is separate. You have to forgive me on this as I'm really still in the novice state. The pieces are out of plaster of paris (or whatever mixture he used) and it sits on a base and then all the pieces are in a coccoon (?) piece that holds the whole thing together when I pour, etc. There is no rubber mold in this. So, I guess it's just one working mold for me that I pour my slip into. All my art is original and sculpted by me. So, sounds like I need to keep using him, suck it up and hope the next piece doesn't cost 4x's as much. My question also is on the standing figures...........are these hard to do in porcelain. Thanks for your response Mark! Diana
  5. I started doing porcelain dog art about 4 months ago and since then have sold quite a bit of my work and bought a Skutt 818 kiln. I'm very happy about my new creative process and have lots of ideas. I have a mold maker who started out charging me decent prices for my first couple of molds and is now upping the price twice as much of what I was paying him. I would like to learn to make molds myself and am wondering if this is a nightmare waiting to happen. I have seen plenty of full figure porcelain art so I know it can be done. Can anyone possibly enlighten me on some YouTube videos that I might look at? You can see some of my art on my website at www.winddancingart.com under "Shop". Thanks in advance! Diana

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