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  1. That was very impressive. I just loved his accent. There should not anything left undone to exaggerate impact of education. P.S. I love arts.
  2. Mark Duin

    Teaching Creativity?

    Creativity cannot taught. It can only be guided. People join institutes, studies several books and become interior decorators, for instance. It is not that they learn from the books and from the teachers that how they can be creative to make a house look beautiful. But they learn the rules and techniques how to apply their creativity in the best way possible.
  3. Mark Duin

    Education is enough?

    You are absolutely right. Education like what we have been getting for the last 20 years isn't effective that much. Teachers are concentrating in completing the syllabus, that's what they care about. Students are trying to get better marks. In this race of earning good marks and finishing the course fast, students will end up being nothing but a nerd, geek, or too introvert to share their thoughts. I think education system needs to be re-evaluated.

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