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  1. Is It "real Pottery?"

    Dear friend I don't define myself as a potter but rather as a person who loves potery. I have been doing potery for 15 years but I learned only by myself. The potters in my area, all studied at college together. They all know each other and form very closed groups. As I am not a professionnal potter, they regard me as not been a "real" potter. I have two passions in life. Ceramics and writing. Those two activities are very lonely activities and I found it difficult not having anyone to share my passions with. I participate in 4 or 5 exhibitions a year and I leave some of my pieces in a boutique in Old Montréal. I published a few books but I feel I always have to fight for recognition. I find titles keep people apart. They argue to know who is a REAL potter and who isn't. To pratice any art is difficult enough that we should give each other support and friendship... Please excuse my english because french is my mother tongue... Take care ! Louise