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  1. ok thanks, i will talk to the teachers and see what's possible. Maybe i can use the smallest oven, take the pieces out hot and then put them in pots with materials outside... and coffee-grind? really? what a nice idea! thanks!
  2. Hello everyone (this is my first post, so hi!), i will try to explain as clearly as i can what i want to do...in english... what i would like to have as an effect is the black that can be created in a raku-oven, so, the smoke actually colours the biscuit-fired object. But! I don't have a raku-oven and in school there isn't one either (+we are not allowed to put smokey vessels outside over a night). Now, i know it's possible to get this effect also in an electric oven, if you put the object sealed in a vessel and add burneable stuff to it, i tried it once with newspaper, sawing-dust, leaves, etc. but the work came out completely white. And i don't know what i did wrong... Can anyone help me with this? The oven was fired like a bisque-firing. Thank you very much!!!